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Zee Bangla Didi No 1 Audition Phone Number | Didi No 1 Season 9 Registration 2022 | Didi No 1 Online Audition 2022 | Didi No 1 Registration 2022 | Didi No 1 Audition Contact Number

Dear friends Didi number 1 is one of the popular reality shows in West Bengal. The show aired on the Zee Bangla show and registration for season 9 will open the online registration process soon. So read the complete procedure to know about Zee Bangla Didi No 1 Entry Form 2021 online. দিদি 1 নম্বর অনলাইন অডিশন এবং নিবন্ধকরণ প্রক্রিয়া শিগগিরই শুরু হবে। Check out the complete registration & competition process for the upcoming season of Didi number 1.

Didi No 1 Audition 2022 Season 9

Dear friends, Didi number 1 has completed its 8 seasons, and now show makers decided to start the 9th season. The registration cum audition will start soon. Didi no 1 one of the longest-running game show on the television screen and the show also rules TRP charts. The fans are really excited to see the upcoming season. New-season of the show will be more entertaining and exciting than in previous seasons. Stick around this page to get the latest updates related to brand new season Didi number 1.

Didi No 1 Audition 2021
Didi No 1 Audition 2021

Get updates regarding reality shows in WB like registration cum entry form, audition online, eligibility criteria, and selection process from the Reality Shows auditions page.

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Show Didi number 1 show
Aired on Zee Bangla
Category Game reality show
Season Season 9
Registration Didi no 1 Registration Season 9
Official portal zee5.com
Auditions Didi no 1 Audition Season 9
language Bangla

Didi N0 1 Audition Phone No 2022

Eligibility criteria – If you want to participate in the show, then there are some eligibility criteria and conditions that should complete by every applicant.

  • This show is only for women and only women can participate in the show.
  • The participants should have the necessary documents and permanent residents of India.
  • Age limit – Minimum 18 years.
  • The applicant should be physically and mentally fit to become part of this show.

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Good news for the fans of Didi number 1 reality show. This is a Bengali game reality show and the show title clearly stated that the show only for women. The prime objective of the show is to give the opportunity to women from all over WB to prove them self & their strength in front of the world. The show will come back with new games, fresh concepts and the winner will get exciting prizes.

The show completed its 8 seasons and one of the most viewed shows in India. Didi number is only for women.

Zee Bangla Didi No 1 Season 9 Registration 2022

The registration process for Zee Bangla Didi No 1 Apply online is very simple. Follow the instructions given below to complete the process.

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  • Dear friends, you need to follow the simple procedure. Visit the official portal of Zee Bangla.
  • Click on the link and the zee5 official page will open, you can also install the zee5 app.
  • Then you will see the Bangla section, click on Zee Bangla Didi No 1 registration link.
  • The registration form will open in a new tab, enter asked details. Enter your name, location, mobile number, photo ID number.
  • You have to reason why you want to become Didi no 1.
  • Upload your photo and click on the submit button to complete your registration process.

For more details follow us – Reality Shows Auditions. In case of any queries just write in the comment box.

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  1. DIDI no 1 audition registration form
    Name— Pompa Dey
    Age 20
    Nursing student
    Father name— Rabi Dey
    Mother name— Amita Dey

    1. DIDI no 1 audition registration from
      Name- Tumpa Ganguly
      Age – 31
      House wife
      Father name- Bablu Ghosh
      Mother – lete Rama Ghosh

      1. Didino1 audition registration form name sumita Roy ege 42 occupation teacher father name sunil kunar Roy mother name sova Roy.

        1. DIDI no 1 audition registration from
          Name- Ankita Shaw
          Software engineer in TCS
          Father name- Chandan Shaw
          Mother – Bandana Shaw

    2. Didi no 1 audience Registration from
      Name -RITU chitrakar
      I am housewife and college student
      my husband name- Prabir patua

  2. Sharmistha Mukherjee

    Didi no 1 audition registration form
    Name- Sharmistha Mukherjee
    Occupation- service
    Age- 30

  3. Soumyapriya Mandal

    Hlw I am Soumyapriya Mondal .First of all, it can be said that the platform is very inspiring to ordinary girls. No matter what I say, the less I read about this platform. I am not excluded from there either.
    Everyone builds their own house thinking of fulfilling their dreams. With that in mind, maybe I thought of coming to this platform tie. If I could go maybe I could fulfill a dream of my family. THANK YOU 🙂😊

  4. Name- Ankana Sarkar
    Age- 24
    Career- online business and by profession I am a fashion designer

    I want to share my hard work and fighting against everyone and want to share about my achievement in my life

  5. Hello mam, amer name Puja Shit ami College Student mam amer didi no 1 show amer khub khub valo laga mam ami onek ber try korachi but amer hochche

    1. 🙏 নমস্কার দিদি, আমি পায়েল সিংহ ( Manipuri) Age – 25 । আমার খুব ইচ্ছে আমার বন্ধু সাথে দিদি No-1 participate করার আমরা দু জন friendship relation- এ আছি ৫ বছর হয়েগেছে এখনও আমরা দু জনকে সামনা সামনি দেখেনি তো আমি চাই যে আমরা didi no- 1 এর মঞ্চে আমাদের দেখা হক।
      আপনার কাছে আমার এই টুকো অনুরোধ রইল । 🙏

    2. Ami didi no 1 season 9 e jete chai r khelte chai.ami akjon housewife .Krishnagar Nadia te thaki age 40.amar ai show khub priyo.
      Babar nam – Manjush Rn Das
      Mayer nam-Sabita Das
      Husband er nam-Avijit Dey
      Amar r amar husband er keu kaoke na dekhe biye hoy.sei golpo i ami bolte chai.

  6. Amar nam Jaya Mondal.ami canning er taldi te thaki.Didi NO1 dekhte khub valobasi.amar sopno didi no 1 jabo.Ami akjon house wife sathe business kori.Eto boro jaygay pouchechi akdom 0 theke suru kore.r sei poth ta khub kothin o chilo.sei golpoi ami didi NO1 giye korte chai…

  7. Name mahuya nayek
    Ami jhargram jelar Gopi ballavpur2 block er basinda .Ami Didi no. 1 a jete chai amake akta sugog kore din .
    Name MAHUYA nayek
    Father name late sarat nayek
    Dist jhargram

  8. Hii i am Riyasha sekh i am 17 yrs old I am a student and ami didi no. 1 a participate korte chaii rachana aunty k khub vlo lge

  9. Hi mam ami Sujata Banik age 21… ami gaan sikhi ami Dum Dum Madhugarh a thaki amar Didi No 1 a participate korar khub icche amar ma er oo khub icche mam akta sujog din participate korar jonno

  10. Papiya Biswas Dutta

    Ami papiya Biswas Dutta.
    Ami house wife.amar akta 5 year Chala acha.ami New Barack pur er sajirhat a thaki
    Husband name- Somnath Biswas.
    Father name- pintu Dutta.
    Mother. name- Jaya Dutta

  11. Papiya Biswas Dutta

    Didi No 1 participants Korte chai, Amar onek diner echha please Amar request rakhben.ami papiya Biswas Dutta Amar age 28+Ami New barrackpore thaki.

  12. Banashree Routh

    Nomoskar didi Ami Amar Amar vai ke niye didi no 1 a jete chai,,,tar khub icche se didi no 1,,,se vatri ditiyar gift cheyeche Amar kache didi no 1 ,,,tar iccha ta puron more din,,,

  13. নমস্কার,
    আমি পাপিয়া বিশ্বাস দত্ত, আমার অনেক দিনের ইচ্ছা দিদি নাম্বার ওয়ানে যাওয়ার, আমি একজন গৃহবধূ, আমার একটি পুত্র সন্তান আছে, আমি নিউ ব্যারাকপুরে থাকি, আমার বয়স 28 বছর,
    প্লিজ আমাকে দিদি নাম্বার ওয়ানে যাবার সুযোগ করে দিন।
    আপনাদের শুভাকাঙ্ক্ষী
    পাপিয়া বিশ্বাস দত্ত।

  14. Didino1 audition registration form name Aparna Rai 32 occupation – Banker father name Kk rai mother name Rina rai Husband name Rishav Ghosh

  15. Dipsikha sardar

    Name, Dipsikha sardar
    Age, 30
    জীবনের অনেক ইচ্ছা ই সম্পুর্ন হয়নি। তার মধ্যে অন্যতম ইচ্ছা এই শো তে মাওয়া।

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