Gujarat Marriage Registration 2021 (Process) Certificate Online~Form

Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online Registration 2021 | Gujarat Marriage Certificate Registration Form 2021 | Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online Process 2021 | Gujarat Marriage Certificate Form 2021 

In Indian Culture, Marriages has called as sacred event. It is union of two person and their family. So nowadays when two people get married. They need to register their marriage. And make it legal, by going to Registrar Office. In every country, it is a necessary process. To register the marriage with legal procedures. And in old days, Indian Marriage registration was not that important. But now it is mandatory for every Indian Citizen.

Mainly there are 2 Act based on Marriages in India, in which one is Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and second one is Special Marriage Act 1954. Applicants who comes under the category Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhist. Or other change their religion into these comes under Hindu Marriage Act. So couples need to register themselves first. To make their marriage legal.

Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online Registration 2021

Applicants who comes with other religion. Or do inter caste marriages or are belongs to our country, but live in other country. Their marriage comes under Special Marriage Act. Marriage registration is very important process now these days. Today we are going to discuss about Gujarat Marriage Registration 2021 and its process. In Gujarat State, Marriage Certificate Registration process is compulsory now. So, there is no option to forget it. Couples need to register their marriage with some document we are mentioning here. Check ONORC Scheme.

Candidate who has applied within month of marriage. As fees of registration. They need to pay 5 Rupees only as a fees. After 30 days you need to pay 15 Rupees. And at last if you register your marriage after 3 months. Then you need to pay 25 Rupees for registration fees. All the information, we are providing here on the basis of online source. Soon, we will update you with more details related to Gujarat State.

  • Name of the Article : Gujarat Marriage Certificate Registration 2021
  • Mode of Application : Online
  • Purpose of Article : Marriage Certification
  • Belongs to : Gujarat State
  • Language of form : English Or Gujarati language
  • Official Link : or

Couples need to follow some rules which are given. Under marriage act given by our constitution. And for that there are some eligibility criteria which are also mention in our post. When you complete the registration process. Soon you will get proof of marriage.

Gujarat Marriage Certificate Registration Form 2021

Some Important Key Points and Document Required during Registration are :

  • For registration, applicants need to submit Form no.1 and Form no.5 which available in  marriage registration office.
  • Original Marriage invitation card of both side also needed
  • they need to submit document copy of living of both bride and groom
  • both bride and groom need to provide their birth certificate or certificate which mention their birth details
  • Address proof of couples are also needed
  • they need to provide Voter card and Aadhar card copies for registration
  • 2 passport photograph of both bride and groom and one their wedding photograph as a proof of wedding
  • couple need to provide both side witness and pandit who completed all the rituals of their marriage
  • the Pandit or Gorda Maharaj and other witness need to show their voter card and Aadhar card as proof
  • they need to keep all the evidence in one file and register it safely
  • both the bride and groom should be present during marriage registration
  • also the witness and pandit need to be present at the time of marriage registration in registrar office

Advantage of Gujarat Marriage Certificate Registration 2021 are :

  • Marriage certificate will be needed in various document updates like Passport
  • it is needed during wife documents updates such as Aadhar card, voter card, ration card etc
  • with the help of marriage certificate only, couples marriage will be counted as legal marriage
  • for claiming various bank policies applicant need to submit marriage certificate
  • In case of spouse cheating the marriage certificate will he big help of legal procedures

Registrar details for Marriage Certification :

  • For village or panchayat registration, Talati or minister will act as registrar
  • Notified Area Chief Executive Officer in urban areas
  • Municipal Medical Officer of Health department
  • Municipal Chief Officer

Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online Process 2021

Gujarat Digital Ration Card

Eligibility Criteria for Registration of Marriage :

  • According to constitution of India. The age of bride should be 18 years or more than 18 years.
  • The age of groom must be 21 years or more than that. Lesser age will be considered as criminal offence.
  • Both Bride and Groom should be citizen of India.
  • If one of the spouse is from other country. Then No Objection certificate will be need during registration.
  • Everything related to marriage comes under the Marriage Act.

Information for Gujarat Marriage Certificate:

  • There Full Name and email id (if any)
  • Fathers name and Mothers name
  • BPL Certificate If any
  • Signature of Bride and groom
  • Current Address Information
  • Nationality
  • Valid Mobile number
  • Photos of both applicants
  • Religion of Couples
  • Occupation
  • Permanent Address details
  • Aadhar Number
  • Marital Status

Steps to Apply for Gujarat Marriage Certificate Registration form Online 2021 :

  • From this, homepage of Surat Municipal Corporation has opened.
  • Now you can go through Download option. As it is available in main menu.
  • After clicking on Downloads. A drop down list has opened.
  • In that first option is Forms. Now click on that.
  • As you can see. One new page opened in front of you.
  • Scroll down. Now you can found option for Marriage Registration below.
  • Now click on download form for Application.

  • After downloading the form. Fill the details.
  • And submit it with document asked.

The registrar office will release one date and time. On that, you need to reach at time mentioned. And they will verify all details. Then Signature of both bride- groom and witness required during registration. In the end marriage registrar will issue Marriage Certificate to you. Then your marriage counted as a legal affair.

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