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Update: Haryana Family id Form 2024 pdf! परिवार पहचान पत्र Apply Online

Haryana Family Id Application Form 2024 | Haryana Family Card Registration 2024 | Haryana Family ID Apply online 2024 | Haryana Parivar Pahachan Patra Apply online

In Haryana State, new program has started i.e Haryana Family Card 2024. Like other identity proof such as Aadhar Card, Voter Card and Ration card, family card will be also very important to register. This which Government will have details about your family. Family & its member due to which the government can provide you various benefits.

Haryana Family id Form 2024 pdf

हरियाणा परिवार पहचान पत्र की सहायता से सरकार यह सुनिश्चित क्र पायेगी की परिवारों को केंद्र सरकार व् राज्य सरकार द्वारा लाई गयी योजना के कारण सुविधा मिली है या नहीं एवं इससे यह भी सुनिश्चित हो पायेगा की किसी भी प्रकार का भ्रष्टाचार न हो सके। यह एक बहुत हे कारगर योजना है जिससे उन्ही परिवारों को लाभ होगा जिनको सरकार की योजना की अधिक जरूरत है।

Haryana state has near about 54 lakh families. In which some are above poverty line, some are below poverty line and some are middle class families. Time to time the Government of Haryana announced various schemes to its middle class families and for the Below poverty line families. For Haryana Schemes by Government CLICK HERE

Haryana Family Id Application Form 2024

Due to Haryana Family Id Application Form 2024, after registration of family id family will get a unique id number which will help them for further government process. In family identity all the members need to provide their Aadhar card which will link with family id.

Haryana Parivar Pahachan Patra Form 2021
Haryana Parivar Pahachan Patra Form 2024

Online processes are already started and it’s a very easy procedure you just need to follow some steps which will give on the official link of the webpage given by the department. The document which required in the application form for registration given below :

  • Aadhar card of each member of the family mandatory for the registration, you need to have it during the registration, it will also be updated on the database of the government website for further use.
  • Applicants need to show birth proof of each family member under the family id such as a birth certificate or 10th class mark sheet on which date of birth is mentioned.
  • Account details of the head of the family will be also required and if another member of the family is also earning for the family then they need to mention their PAN Card also during registration
  • Contact details: these details should also be proper because in the future department of any government official can call you on that if required, so please submit those phone which is available on a future basis.

हरियाणा परिवार पहचान पत्र फॉर्म 2024

Families need to show these relevant documents at the time of registration because if you do not have any of this certificate or id then the registration will not happen due to which your family id will not be made.

Name of the Scheme Haryana Family Id – Parivar Pahachan Patra
Scheme is Launched by Hon’ble CM Mahohar Lal Khattar
Launched in Haryana State
Apply online Parivar Pahachan Patra Form online 2024
Benefits It will register details of all family member
Beneficiaries People of Haryana State
Official link meraparivar.haryana.gov.in/

Some Key Features of the Haryana Family Id Scheme 2024 :

  • The state government of Haryana kept a track record of the people of its state. Their families with the help of ration cards but these were not properly updated by the families. So the government has generated a new system in which Aadhar card will also link which is a document generated from the start of the birth of a child. Due to this family id will help the government of Haryana keep all the records of families living in the state which are permanent residence.
  • According to the survey done near about 54 lakh families are living in our state in which near about 46 lakh families has registered them other need to registered themselves soon

Haryana family ID Apply online 2024

The government has noticed that duplicate Aadhar card are also prepared. Due to corruption this system was not correctly done so this scheme Haryana Family Id will lead to stop corruption in the state. Soon the Family identification is mandatory for each and every family of Haryana state, people need to register them as per the rule mentioned by the government.

As the Government is keen to keep its citizens more benefitted through the government scheme announced either by the state government or central government, so its our responsibility to help them by registering our families for the Haryana Family Id Application 2024. This is a great initiative taken by the government. To Apply for the Family id for your own benefits.

There are 3 methods for the registration of Haryana Family id :

  • Common Service which is managed by the Village Level Entrepreneur
  • With the help of Saral Kendra : These are managed by the state government
  • Through the operator registered with the government for the Parivaar Pehchan Patr.

Haryana PPP Application Form 2024

Features of the Haryana Family Card 2024 :

  • It consist of 14 digit number unique code for every family card which defined uniquely. During registration, family members should also need to give their mobile numbers.  Then after registration, within one or 2 days they will get their family id card.
  • In the family card name of the head will be mentioned above. Than its spouse name and then other dependent will be mentioned on the family card

Haryana Parivar Pahachan Patra Yojana

  • In online process during registration for family id, each family will get a unique username and password. For the government portal, they can login through that username and password. Then they can complete the application.
  • For getting family details in the family id applicant need to use the username and password generated at the time of application registration.
  • each area, district a unique code generated with the help of this family unique code generated by the government webpage.
  • To identify the families through family id cards also a village code or cities codes, area codes will mention, that will help government officials to keep the track of their citizens.

You can also edit the information given in the family card in case any update required.

Official Portal Click here
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