KPOP Audition 2022

KPOP India Audition 2023 Date! KPOP Contest Registration Form Online for Boy/Girls

KPOP India Contest 2023 | KPOP Registration Date 2023 | K-POP Audition Form 2023 India | KPOP Audition in India 2023 | K POP Auditions in India 2023 | JYP Audition Online

Nowadays reality shows are very important for talented people. Now the people are crazy about reality shows because these shows are the real picture of the people on the TV. In India, people are crazy about watching reality shows. Get all details about the K-POP Online Registration 2023 Date, the application process, eligibility criteria, documents required. KPOP ऑडिशन और रजिस्ट्रेशन प्रक्रिया के बारे में जाने के लिए ऑनलाइन रहें. दी गयी प्रक्रिया के माध्यम से जानकारी ऑनलाइन अप्लाई करें.

In this article, let’s discuss the K-POP India Contest 2023. One of the most viewed reality shows in India. Now people are excited about the new season.

KPOP India Contest Registration 2023

Interested people have to participate in the K-POP India 2023 Contest, You have to make online registration under the KPOP India. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic auditions are stopped last year. But this year, the K POP reality show was scheduled to last year. Get online updates regarding the upcoming season.

KPOP India Contest 2021 online
KPOP India Contest 2023 online

If you want to be a part of this show, you have to send your singing or dancing audition video. The people can apply in two categories – Dancing and Singing. Read all details carefully to get KPOP Entry Form 2023 for dancing and singing. If you are a good singer/dancer. You can apply online for the K-POP contest India 2023. You have to upload the audition video as suggested by the official team.

Contest KPOP 2023 Contest India
Category Dancing, Singing
Audition KPOP 2023 Auditions online
Official portal
Registration Form KPOP Registration Form 2023 Date
Get online Registration cum audition process
Process Online audition due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

K-POP India Contest Auditions 2023

Online round selection criteria of the K POP India Contest – Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic individual auditions are not going to hold. So, the official team will judge you on the basis of your online performance.

Singing category – 20% stage, 20% pronunciation & expression, 60% ability

Dancing category – 30% teachnique, 30% stage charisma, 40% choreography.

Under this contest, three rounds decided in which the participant has to qualify. First-round, you have to make online entry cum registration.

Participants who will clear the competitive rounds and in the finale, the eligible contestants will win the title and prize money.

If you think your singing techniques and dancing moves will impress the show judges. You can apply online for the show. The link provided below, to register online. KPOP is a perfect platform to showcase your talent to the world.

K-POP India Regional Round, Date, Place –

KPOP Contest India 06 August 2021 Chennai
K POP Contest 01 August 2021 Guntur
KPOP India Contest 06 August 2021 Pune
K-POP India Contest 1 August 2021 Nagpur
KPOP India Contest 08 August 2021 Mumbai Regional round

KPOP Online Audition 2023

Instructions – For online registration, the participants have sent a video of the performance for the entry. Video has a good quality of sound and visuals.

you have to choose the nearest city for regional rounds. The participates can take participates in both categories.

You have to visit the official portal of KPOP contest India.

KPOP Audition 2022
KPOP Audition 2023

After that click on the registration link, and a new page will open.

Then fill in all asked details like Name, Address, mobile number, email ID, Video, all other asked details.

After that official team will shortlist candidates on the basis of your performance in the video.

The audition/Registration process postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic till further notice. All candidates will notify soon when all situations under the control.

What is the age limit for the contestants in KPOP India 2023?

The participants should be 14 years or above.

Can participants apply in both categories K-POP India 2023?

Yes, the participants can apply for both categories.

335 thoughts on “KPOP India Audition 2023 Date! KPOP Contest Registration Form Online for Boy/Girls”

        1. Shreyakshi bharti

          U are 17 years old , so you should rush. The mostly beat age to become a trainee is 16 years old and you are already 17

          1. Hello I’m Jagruti I’m 12 years .
            I wanna become a kpop idol .
            I got many inspiration from Blackpink . I’m from India

          2. No some idols are trained for some less years as they are perfect in everything and also there is no age restriction

          3. please give me one chance. I am 13 year old. I want to be kpop idol. Send me link. I am from india

          4. Anannya bhattacharya

            Hello my name is anannya bhattacharya me from kolkata india please k pop me one Chance i like dance an singing modeling

          5. Hi I’m Sania I’m from also India my idol is black pink because I love there songs very much 😍

          6. I am diya and l am 14 years old. I want to join kpop but I don’t know the process of registration tell me where is the audition and I already started to make song and it almost done and the starting of the song is DREAMS.

          1. Hello everyone I am a human being everyone is joking I am Tejasvita . I m 11 . My year of birth is 2010 . And it’s my dream to become a kpop idol

          2. Hi my name is Lujianna
            I am 12 years old
            I am from India – Manipur
            It is my dream to be a kpop
            I love singing and dancing

          3. Hello , my name is Naina Shakya
            I am from India
            I want to become an k-pop idol
            My inspiration is BTS

          4. I want to join kpop . So pls gave a one chance . I am 16 year old .and I want be a kpop idol it’s my dream

          5. which company you want to audition type the company name in google and put audition next to the company name and search

          1. hello
            my name is susama
            I am for India
            How i wand to go kpop ibl
            my date of birth 2004
            I am hubby’s dancer, singer, rapper and song writers.
            kpop my dreams.
            please select Me
            because I am very good dancer and single.
            I learn to be Korean language.

          1. Hi I am 14 years old i also want to become a k-pop idol I am not much
            well in singing and dancing but if I trained so yeh I will do my best

          2. Hyy Am miyo.
            I am from India.
            My birth year is 2004.
            My hobby is singing rapping and dancing.
            I want to join k pop because I want to do something for my country.

          3. केशव कुमार

            मैं भी के पाप का कलाकार बनना चाहता हूं मेरी उम्र 17 साल है सिंगिंग में बहुत अच्छा हूं

        2. Hello I want to be a k pop singer but I live out of India. But I am indian and i live in Italy so you may tell me how can i participate???? And I am 15 years.

          1. Hi I’m Nisha bhosale, I’m 16, I’m good at dancing and modeling, i really like to become an a k-pop idol.

        3. shrutika babarao bansod

          I like kpop I want to join kpop what is the proses to join the selection I am 15 year old

      1. K-pop india contest give me one chance i want to become an idol I’m good in dancing & singing . I’m 14 year old from India

          1. Hii my name is zainab
            People call me jui
            I have one dream to bee a kpop star and, yes i am good in dance,singing, and modeling tooo, and i am 13 years old and i am from India , Gujarat

      1. See my mom alowed to give me audition but saying you ca’t leave me until you are 17 or 16 and after that even if i am allowed my father won’t let

      2. I am a girl 12 years old
        And i want to be a black pink member
        I love to sing and dance like black pink
        And i am doing practice from 8 years old . give me chance i am an Indian girl from bihar buxar and i will become a member in kpop.

      3. Michaela Donátková

        Hi, my name is Michaela Donátková.
        I live in Czech Republic.🇨🇿
        Iam 12 years old.
        My dream is to become kpop star.✨❤️
        I can sing and dance.🎼

      4. Hlo I am from uttarakhand and I want to become an kpop idol but I am from middle class family and I also don’t no any information about form of 2022

        1. Hello friends my name is Riya Singh and I’m from India and I also want
          to be a k-pop idol so tell me any kpop idol audition in Kolkata

      1. I wanna have a chance to give audition.Due to some circumstances we are unable to reach any audition locations . We have a request that can we get the audition online.yours faithfully Priya Mondal , Aishwarya

      1. Hi sir i Am from Telangana I want to be come a K-POOP idol I can dance, acting, singing and I will learning korean language

    1. I want to be a k-pop idol no matter how much difficult it will be for me I’ll do that I’m fatty girl name ‘drishti’ birthday 3/7/2007 Instagram I’d _drishti_03_
      I’m trying my best if I couldn’t in this year I will try next year I passionately want to be a k-pop idol I’m interested in languages I love to explore things

    2. I wanna make a k pop idol but my father and mother not ready my voice is clear dancing also 🥺🥺
      I big dream to make k pop idol I am 13 years old

      1. Akansha Shukla

        I want to be a k-pop idol but my parents not ready for that I am good at dancing and singing
        I’m Akansha Shukla from Delhi India I’m 13 years old

    3. Hlo
      I’m a girl my name is Riya I’m from India Jamshedpur
      I want to join a k-pop idol it’s my dream. I’m 13 years old and

    4. Rakhi Kumari

      Hi my name is rakhi and I am from India and my dream is being a kpop idol. I born in 2007 and my age is 14. I am good in singing and acting. 🙏🙏

    5. Shambhavi singh

      Hi l also want entry in k-pop and I am 12 years old I can sing I can dance I can do everything

      1. Choden Christina Sherpa

        Hi 👋 my name is Choden Christina Sherpa, I’m 15 (Fifteen) years old. I’m from West Bengal of Darjeeling (INDIA)
        kpop idols give me one chance I really sing well
        It’s is one my dream is to be k-pop idol .🥺🙏
        Thankyou 🙏🙂

        1. Hlo 🙁 my name is Ginni
          I’m 16 years old
          My dream kpop idol 😓
          Best dancing
          Plz riply
          I’m from India

    1. Vishwakarma Nidhi

      Hey my name is nidhi and I am forme Gujarat mey up mey aneyvali hu kya tum mujhey join karogi mey 17 ki hu or mey bhi idol banna chahati hu

      1. I’m shimpi from India I have many talents like dancing sing rap modeling and other activities so my dream is very big and I will try my best to best in audition Thanks I hope you give me one chance

  1. Hrutuja Suryawanshi

    I am 12 years old girl I live in guntur And l like to listen kpop and I am from India give me one chance

    1. Akshada gajanan dinde

      Hi imakshada I’m from India 🇮🇳 inassm I’m 15 years old k-pop is my dream I hope my dreams comes trueb 🤞🤞🤞🤞

      1. I am 13+ , i am a girl . I am from uttharakhand dehradun . I am a dancer and i have win many shows and auditions like DID little master etc + i am a model . I stan for black pink and i make my own dance step + i am learing korean .

        1. Hello I’m Hema and I’m 16 year Old and I know dancing and singing I want to be an kpop idol thank you

      1. Ravleen singh Saini

        My name is jasleen Kaur I am want kpop idol that is my dream ravleen is my brother name my name is jasleen Kaur

  2. Hi , i am lekhana from india. i can sing , dance ,rap and also write songs. i am 14 years old [ in 2021 ] i am 5’9. i have a very good vocal sability . i can speak english , hindi , tamil , telugu , gujarathi , understand korean completely and can speak basic korean .
    i have the ability to be an artist .

  3. Hello, I am Shreya Shree from Patna,India.
    I can sing few korean songs but I can’t understand korean. It’s my dream to become a k-pop idol.
    I am 17 years old. I was born in [2004].
    I am very creative and hardworking. I will give my best. Please give me a chance.

      1. I love Korea I want to participate K-pop I’m from from India my name is rithu I’m 15 years old pls tell me how to participate in K-pop

    1. Niharika bassi

      Hi my name is niharika bassi ,i am from Punjab India . I wanna be a k pop idol .i am a dancer ,a rapper. give India a chance

      1. Krutika parbhudas wankhade

        Hi my name is krutika I am 14 year old I want to become a k-pop Idol in my life I Love BTS
        BTS is my inspiration for me give me a chance I am good for Singing, Raping, Dancing I am talented girl

    1. Oh also my name is akshada. I am also 15 years old. And I also love k-pop.😂 I always think don’t anyone have akshada name there’s only me who have but look now. Same to you and also good luck.

  4. Hi I am Keerthana AS from India can sing , dance ,rap and also write songs.
    I am 13 years old [ in 2021 ]
    I have a very good vocal sability .
    I can speak korean , English , malayalam , tamil .
    I have the ability to be an artist .🙂

  5. I can dance,rap,and sing too,i can sing Korean songs translated in English I just hope to get an opportunity to showcase what im capable of.

  6. Hi i just want a chance to perform my talent,i really hope i get a chance i can sing,rap,and dance well.I’m 12 years old & I’m even trying to learn korean and trying to understand the lyrics of every song i hear.My inspiration is LALISA MANOBAN.

    1. Akshara bhardwaj

      Hi I’m akshara bhardwaj from india….It’s my dream to become a k-pop idol.
      I am 15 years old. I was born in [2007].
      I can dance well but I think I need more practice but I will try my best and also I can sing some of the k-pop songs…..I can understand a little bit korean and can speak basic korean
      I am very creative and hardworking. I will give my best. Please give me a chance.

    1. Hi my name is soniya Mishra i am. From India i know Korean basic and i am learning Korean i have interest in dancing singing raping and more

  7. My name is Rihana Begum and my age is 14 and I love kpop and my wishes I have to be a kpop idol like blackpink,BTS,twice and I am a good dancer good singer and good rapping also take me I can speak 5 language Hindi ,English, Marathi ,Tamil ,Korean take me

    I M 12 YEARS OLD

    1. Vidhi Vishal Meshram

      My name is Vidhi Meshram
      I am 12 years old
      I want to become a K-pop Idol
      I am from India, Nagpur
      I know English, Korean, French, Hindi, Marathi.
      I am good in singing, Acting and dancing to .
      My dream is to become a K-pop Idol may I wish that you will agree it please.
      Thank you

    2. My name is ritika jha I’m 11 year old can I give the audition for this where could I register for this.

  9. Hai guys my name is Krishna am from india, Kerela i wish to be an idol . If you give me a chance I’ll use it . Because i trust myself . Am sure that i can .

  10. Hi my name is trishla Kumari I love k-pop india content and I gave audition and I want become a k-pop ldol ❤️

  11. Hello my name is Anusriti Bose i want to be a kpop and i kinda good at singing and dancing but i want to take part and i am 12 years old in 2021

  12. Hello my name is Aisha I am 15 year old I really become a kpop idol i am good singing and dancing I am trying to speak Korean language and I am trying to understand the lyrics.

    1. hii my name is also aisha and i am 13 years old i also want to become a kpop idol and interesting thing is that i am also learning korean 🇰🇷

    1. Hello sweet judges my name is ranjita ojha and my dream is became a k-pop idle and I pray I will select in k-pop idole and you sweet judges see my singing talent and select me

  13. Hi im Harshita , im 13 year old
    Im from uttar pradesh and i love dancing and singing and i also want to be a kpop idol. Is any kpop online audition in India i really want to be a part

  14. Sriya saleen sahu

    Hi my name is sriya from odisa iam 13 year old I am very good at dance I am selected in rotary clubs of berhampur as top 20 and also in sing dil se

  15. hi this is Jashanpreet and i am 11 years old its my dream to become a kpop idol
    although i can dance,sing,and i can also act any type of scene kindly give me one chance
    i am from India uttar pradesh

  16. Ranjani SureshKumar

    I Am Ranjani and I Am 20 years old
    And i am chennai,Tamilnadu
    I can prove myself and i will keep on fighting for my passion and dream to become a k-pop idol no matter how much I suffer i will keep on going
    So I humbly request you to give me a chance and i will prove myself

    1. Nandini Yadav and Shivika Yadav

      Hi My name is Nandini and Shivika yadav 2 girls I want To be a k pop idol I love South Korea 🇰🇷 I am from India 🇮🇳 Mumbai my ambition is k pop idol I am 13 and 14 years old I like dancing and singing and I am changing my dancing skills give me a chance I want to come south korea

      1. Hi my name is Pallwi I’m 14 years old I love south Korea 🇰🇷 I am from India 🇮🇳 Jharkhand my dream to be a K-pop idol I like dancing give me a chance I want to come south Korea 🇰🇷

    1. Hi my name is Arsalaan.
      I am 13 years old.
      I am form India—Telangana—Warangal
      My dream is to become a k-pop idol and l love singing and dancing.

  17. Hello jyp my name is aisha and I’m 14 years I’m from India City to Mumbai and I speak to english and try to Korean language my life goal is k-pop idol I work hard i can dance and singing or modelling jyp one more chance I promise you i will give my best

  18. I want to be a k-pop idol but my parents don’t want me to become a k-pop idol my dream will not be fulfilled but I am happy because my parents are happy😂😉😊

  19. Chanchal koreti

    give me one chance iam 16 year old in 2006 is my born date and select to me in Indian K-pop audition iam a perfect dancer and a perfect singer

  20. Hi I’m Manognya I want to be a k pop idol
    I want to know when the audition is
    I am good at singing, dancing and acting

  21. Hi I am harshita i want to be a kpop idol. I live in India City to dalhi and I speak to english and try to Korean language. I can to be a kpop idol pleas give me one chance I can do dance and singing or modelling acting. I am dancing from age of 4 pleas give me one chance. I can do much hard work with outrest and can be perfect . I am 12 year old. Pleas jpy I have also win some awords in school just four my dance and now I want to join kpop idol and I belive that I can do this pleas give me one chance. I am hard working person neve lose untill I don’t try and I can be perfect in dance if been trained I can also sing if I have been teached this is my dreem from age of 3 and I am able to handle a lot of
    pressure too and I am physically and mentally fit always .
    Thank you

  22. I am an Indian girl .I want to join k pop I am practicing from 5 to 6 years … My age is 13 ..
    I speak fluent English And I know how to speak Korean ,also Japanese voice is also Amazing …..
    Hope you will give me a chance!

    Thank you!

  23. Pratibha Prasad sah

    Hlo sir….I’m from India nd I’m 17 year old girl..sir I want to be a kpop idol…sir I’m a good dancer..and I sing good well…💜✨

  24. Priyanka jangid

    I want to participate in kpop
    How I can fill my form tell me
    I’m Born in 2008
    I’m 13 years old
    My name is Priyanka jangid
    I’m from India

  25. Ahnyeong …..i want to be K-pop idols… I’m inspired from black pink….. I love to dance… And rap…. And I’m practice Korean language from teuida App….. I’m 14 year olds….. I’m from India…

  26. Sakshi Deshmane

    Hi my name is sakshi Deshmane
    I am from india and I want to really join k -pop and I really love to sing and dance , I love Korea . I am 12 year old . And I want to go in bts , or I want to make my own team like bts . I am an Indian girl,

  27. Hi, My name is Antara Mondal . My age is 12 , I want to become a k pop idol because I am very interested in k pop. I’m very well in dance and singing

  28. Hi si actually I am not at better singing but I love to dance so I want to be an idol of dance I have saw the video which you meet the z-dreams in the group there to indian people I was so seeing this I thought every body have an opportunity to join k-pop thanking you sir name Saihithi from telangana

  29. hey myself Nandini
    I’m 17 years old and a talented dancer.
    I am from India. and I know some korean language too.
    Even I am good at singing . I can be best of kpop.

  30. Hii, my name is Anisha my from is Indian west Bengali Darjeeling I love love k-pop but my dance is not good but I will prates my signing is very good and my age is 16 weate is 44 kg.😼
    Thank you

  31. Hi my name is Neeta and I am 14 years old and I am dancer and I wanted to become a kpop singer ☺️

    Thank you

  32. Hello I also want to be a K-pop idol
    I’m 12 years old and I’m from Delhi can I please give audition 💜

  33. Even i also want to join in kpop and i want to be a idol.. that was my dream so inform us that when the audition will be starting
    R.Yasaswini from india..🇮🇳🇮🇳

  34. Hello and My name is netra nangyal .
    I wanted to be become a k pop idol.
    I really like dance and singing.
    So give one chance for audition…😊😊😊😊😊

    1. Hello my name is Gauri Kumari sinha
      give me a chance to show myself l’m really good in singing and dancing l’m from India and l’m 13 years old

    2. Hi l am wini I am 14 years old I am from india I also want to became a k-pop idol I am not much well in singing and dancing but if I trained so yeh I will do my best

  35. Kiran pramod jadhav

    Hello my name is kiran jadhav.
    I like singing so much and i want to
    become a kpop idol. I want a chance for

  36. HI GUYS I am padma priya and my date of birth is 2008 i am 13 years old my dream, life is any thing k pop singer i am indian girl i want audition application form you give me one chance

  37. Hello I’m Adrien, I’m from India and I’m recently in 17 years old girl ..
    And I can do the dancing , singing or little bit rapping. Can I become a kpop trainee??
    send me the details…

  38. Hi. I am joshna from India. iam an average girl who is about to took me these many years to realize my dream.but now my choice is iam 20.but as these agencies look for 16-18 age difficult for me.but i believe that I can get into jyp.cause they’re seeing personality rather than other things.if u see my comment (jyp).. give me a chance to prove myself and I will make sure that selecting me is not a regrettable choice for you.

  39. Hi Kpop leaders.
    Myself Swarisha l am 14 years old.
    Blackpink member lisa is my ideal .
    I want to become a star like her .
    I can dance and sing .
    I am flexible too.
    If u think I can go into Korean pop just call on this no.

  40. Hello sir or mam i want to become k-pop idol . I am 17 years old I am trying to speak in Korean language and I will try me best i want to become k-pop idol


  42. 여보세요
    I’m anjali from India I’m good dancer and I love pop
    I hope you can give me a chance and I love kpop and I’m 15 years old

  43. I am Amrutha
    My eage 14
    I am karnattaka from India
    I do well and I interest dancing, singing ,modeling, acting and I give the stage performance in side Dakshina Kannada from karnnataka one chance to join K-pop group

  44. Hello,
    My name is prachi & I am 15 year old, i know both singing and dancing very well i want to be a kpop idol in future

  45. Hi ,
    I am Mansi . l am for India . I am 13 years old . My Date of birth 2008 . I am learn to be Korean learning .
    I am dancer and singer .
    Thank you ☺️…………………..!

  46. Hi,I am Vaishnavi . I am from India .I want to be a kpop singer.I like black pink and bts .I can sing,dance and rap very well.l am 14 yrs old.I can speak Korean language . send me the details how to be a kpop singer.

  47. Hi everyone
    My name is Sakchi Singh
    I am 13 years old
    My born on 2009
    I am from India Gujarat
    I can do Dancing, Modelling and Acting
    I can try better singing
    I dream is become a Kpop idol
    Send me details how to be become a Kpop idol

  48. Hi,
    I’m Riya, I’m 16 years old ,I’m from Kerala, I’m good at break Dance and classical dance. I’m a good singer. I can speak English. I’m really excited about this. I want to become a good k-pop idol.
    Thank you

  49. Hello myself amreen. I am from India
    I love kpop and i am very very good at singing 🎤 and dancing often I do dance practice and singing practice too. Because I know that one day kpop indian audition will be there and i have a request please give me a chance to be a kpop idol my age is 12 , 2010 i am learning Korean and u will accept my request.

  50. I am dipti and I love singing and dancing but I am not best at singing and dancing but I think if I trained well so I became a best dancer and singer. I want to be a kpop idol it’s my dream . Thank you for listening me.

  51. Gohel dhruti kishorbhai

    My name is Gohel Dhriti I am from Gujarat I am 15 years old and I am a good dancer and singer

  52. My name is Janhavi I AM fron India ,state maharashtra city beed Its is my big dream to k pop idol I am practice at home

  53. Riya Prajapati

    Hi I’m riya I’m Indian girl and iam 13 years old I am good in English also in dance and singing and I am start learning Korean. Thank you

  54. Hi my name is Sara and I am from India I am very interested in kpop especially dance singing and rap my rape is very fluidly and I’m 14 year old and everyone say my rap is so good and what and I don’t think about this you are me and I believe myself on day I become a kpop idol.

  55. अनिता धाकड़

    नमस्ते मेरा नाम अनिता धाकड़ हे मे 16 वर्ष की हूँ मे केपीओपी आइडल बनना चाहती हूँ मे कोरिया भाषा सिखना चाहती हूँ कृपया मुझे एक अफसर दे मे अच्छा प्रदर्शन करूगीं |

  56. ,,,,,Hii my name is mp ,,,,,my from is the India ,,,,,I thing we are point ok,,,,,,, I thing my group ,,,,,, members 7 ok ,,,,, and ,,,, i thing 4,,, Korean girls ,,,,. 1 chaines girl,,,. 1. Japanis girl ,,, 1,, Indian girl,,,, 7 member group. ,, I thing my group name is big angle girl ,To day is date. 18/4/2022,,,,. I thing my time west and your time west ,,

  57. Hallo, my name is apsara. I am from India from Kerala. I am 12 years old my biggest dream is to be a key pop idol. bts inspired me, that’s why I want to be a kpop idol so choose me

    1. Hii my name arushi I from Patna my age is 14 I want to make k pop idol this is my final dream so pls choose me and I know you can see my dance so this is not important to I wrote I can do dance

  58. Soumya upadhyay

    Hi, I am Soumya. I am from India. l want to be a kpop dancer. I like blackpink and Bts .l can sing ,dance very well. I am 12 years old . I can speak English ,Hindi , Korean language completely. I want be a kpop idol.

  59. Shreya Dewangan

    Hello , I am Shreya Dewangan . I am gonna be 14 soon and I’m from India . I got to know about kpop from bts . My idol is specially Lisa [Blackpink] and Lily[NMIXX] . I basically dance but my hobby is dancing, singing and rapping

  60. Dear mam/sir send me the link and date .
    And can I give audition from Mysore?
    Online .
    Send me the official website…..

    1. Deepika Chavan

      Annyonghaséyo! My name is Deepika. I’m from India. My DOB – 03/07/2008. I want to became a kpop idol. I am good at singing and dancing. I can do good vocal.

    2. Nuzhat Nagori

      My name is: Nuzhat Nagori . my age is 12. I am good in singing, dancing and rapping but my vocal is not so good my dream is I want to be a k-idol.

  61. My hobbies are 👉 dancing, singing, rapping, modelling, acting, because I have experience about them and i want to give auditions in this company my age is 15years old so thankyou!

  62. Pari mukherjee

    Hello every one I’m PARI from india
    I born in 2010 I’m 12 years old girl
    I wanna be a k-pop idol ❤️
    I love singing and modeling

  63. My name is Rima Sree. I am 13 age old. I am from Malaysia. My ambition is to be a Korean pop artist. I want one chance to proof myself.

  64. Hi myself charishma from INDIA I am 14 years I have so many dreams to become an K pop idol my inspiration is bts ,blackpink,z girls etc I have so many doubts
    1 . While doing k pop training can I complete my future studies
    2 . I can speak Korea but should I have to learn other language also
    3 . Should I have to go to other country to do my training
    Or we have online

  65. Hello
    I’m Akanksha Thakur from India , I want to give a online audition so can you tell me what is the process for online auditions.

  66. I’m yuthiksha
    South Indian
    My dream to be k-pop idol , I’m dancer
    I can speak English, tamil , understand Korean, i hope I’ll be great k-pop idol
    Thank you so much 💝

  67. Priya Telange

    Hello my name is priya and i am 15 years old. I have to join k-pop. So please send me link to joining you. And really i am joining to k-pop.🥺🥺

  68. Hi
    I m India and I’m 17 old Year
    I love Korean and My dream to kpop idol
    My hobby Dancing and singing And Acting
    And modelling and m so funny and so cute
    Please kpop idol one chance please

  69. Hi. Hello I’m Sneha Priya from Andhra Pradesh. I’m a girl. I’m 13 years old. I want to become a k-pop idol. Like BTS. I’m good at singing. It’s my dream to become a k-pop idol.

  70. Hi am 10 year’s old and my first dream is become a k- pop idol . My dream started by black pinks vedio’s.

  71. Hello sir nice to meet you
    My name is sunny
    I am 18 years old
    I can sing a song love k-pop world
    I want to join kpop
    My dream’ is I want to make a name for myself in the Kpop world and make K-pop popular all over the world. My dream is to be the best K-pop idol.

  72. How am I supposed to apply for it?
    I’m 17 soon to be 18..
    Am I allowed to apply for it?

  73. Hi! my name is Ruby.I’ m from India and I’m 16 year old.i really want to become a k-pop idol and I’m good singar .

  74. I don’t know how to start to become a k-pop can someone tell me what is a trainee and how should I start everything I am 15 please

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