Paudhagiri Campaign Students Registration: Plant Saplings & Earn Money

Paudhagiri Campaign Student Registration 2024 / Plant Saplings & Earn Money Application 2024/ Paudhagiri Campaign Registration form 2024/ Plant Saplings Scheme Register Online

Paudhagiri Campaign is based on the environment. This Campaign has started by the Haryana government. It has great initiative taken for making our state green and less polluted. Paudhagiri Campaign Students Registration has already started. And interested candidates can apply under this campaign, can earn money too. Also, it helps students to make better bonds with our environment as well.

The Campaign has encouraged more students. This has to be a good chance for students by sapling plants, they can earn money. Our environment is very important for us. Due to less number of trees. Many problems in climate has arises. Climate has already changed. Now weather timing is also changed. Summer is very hot, and winter months decreased. All this is because of global warming. Which is not only concern of Haryana, but also all over the world. On the official link, the district-wise geotagged sapling reports are available.

Paudhagiri Campaign Student Registration 2024

Now it is easy for students to make their login on the official portal. They can do Plant Samplings and easily earn money with that. This will beneficial for both. Pollution has also decreased by this initiative taken by Haryana Government. Also the students who achieved some targets will also get reward or award from the concerned department. For nurturing plants, the government has also giving award and recognition, which is appreciation given to selected students. Get more information for Central Government Schemes.

In the last few years, the Government of Haryana is noticing that the green area in the state is decreasing. So the Government has started the distribution of saplings to the school. In which many students have connected and being part of this Campaign, they are growing more plants. Students who have taken part in this campaign. He/ She will get an award of Rs 50 every six months for taking care of the sapling. This has to be given for the upcoming 3 years after planting a sapling.

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Name of the Scheme

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Main Objective

Official Link

Paudhagiri Campaign 2024

The Government of Haryana

Haryana state Only

To get plant sapling & earn money

Students from class 6 to class 12th

To make Haryana green state

We suggest to our readers also, that they should also grow one plant. It will be better of our life only.

Plant Saplings & Earn Money Application 2024

Global warming has affected our environment. Due to tree cutting and forest area decreasing. Global warming is increasing. And it is not good for our health too. So the government has encouraged this campaign. When students join this campaign it will help more. The state government has started Plant Saplings which will help. In tackling global warming. And students will earn money by growing these saplings.

Haryana Ration Card Form

The Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar has taken the decision. After reviewing other departments and schemes, the decision was made. Also, the school education department has introduced this plantation program. Through which various interested students can join this and make our environment pollution-free. As we know pollution is also increasing. If we grow more plants, then the pollution is decreased automatically.

Benefits of the Paudhagiri Campaign :

  • Helps to reduce Global Warming
  • It helps to reduce pollution as well.
  • Students can earn money
  • Student from class 6th to class 12th can participate.
  • The Government will give sapling to school
  • Students can take it from the school as well.
  • The state will become greener as well.
  • More citizen will get motivated through this campaign.

Eligibility for Paudhagiri Campaign 2024 :

  • for enrollment in the scheme, applicant must be student.
  • Students should be from class 6 to class 12th standard.
  • Firstly they need to make login on the official website.
  • if they can nurture the plant for 3 year continuously, then they can join.

To stop pollution, under this campaign, the government has also started to stop plastic water bottles and plastic bags. In many years plastic also degrade our climate. So, the government is banning plastic bags for groceries, vegetables and other goods. More number of trees will help in increasing air quality.

Paudhagiri Campaign Registration form 2024

Haryana Family Id

The government has also encouraged students to put names on trees, which will also make bonding between the child and the respective plant. The child can name the tree either on the name of a famous personality or if they want, they can put it on the name of their ancestors. Every week the department of education will monitor it and then they will give reports to the government. The reports should be on the progress of the scheme/ campaign.

As per today’s reports, the total number of saplings procured by the forest department is 16,48,731. And the sapling from the other sources is 2,30,965 as per numbers. Some saplings are Geo-tagged which are 13,46,817 in numbers. The registration procedure is very easy as the applicant will be students. So the department has considered it. The reports in different formats were made with the help of a number of plantations done. All the districts taking part in this campaign are such as :

Ambala Fatehabad Jind Mahendragarh Panipat Sonipat
Bhiwani Gurugram Kaithal Nuh Mewat Rewari Yamuna-nagar
Charkhi Dadri Hisar Karnal Palwal Rohtak
Faridabad Jhajjar Kurukshetra Panchkula Sirsa

Paudhagiri Campaign Student Registration 2024 Process :

  • Firstly you need to visit the Official Link of Paudhagiri Campaign.

  • Now you are at Homepage. In main menu you can see option Account, when you click on that sign-in option given click on sign in.

  • Now student need to enter their details for login and register themselves. After you complete the procedure you can collect the sapling and plant it to earn money.

Students need to ensure that plants should grow into trees one day. Also, students can download the Application as well, which is the Paudhagiri mobile app. This given app for Paudhagiri Campaign is for android users only. All the students can download it and, then they can use it easily.

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