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ZEE Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 Form | Season 10 Registration Date

Zee Bangla Dadagiri is a well-known programme on the channel. Zee Bangla Dadagiri’s last programme, which ran for eight seasons, has come to an end. These times of year are quite popular with the general public. This programme is similar to Kaun Banega Crorepati in that it focuses on a family. Similar to the KBC programme presented by Amitabh Bachan, Zee Bangla Dadagiri’s show may be compared. Sourav Ganguli is the host of the Zee Bangla Dadagiri programme, which airs in Bangladesh. The Zee Bangla channel broadcast Dadagiri’s programme in the United States.

ZEE Bangla Dadagiri Season 10 Audition 2024

These contestants got a chance because of the programme. Knowledgeable individuals who are experts in a separate subject. In the programme, they may get the opportunity to showcase their abilities and take home the prize money. They will be able to fulfil their ambitions if they are awarded the prize money. You must first pass the auditions to be eligible to participate in the programme.

Those who are chosen will get the opportunity to take part in the Zee Bangla Dadagiri reality programme. You may register for the audition now. The registration procedure for the audition has its own set of rules. As a result, we’re here to fill you in on all you need to know about the Zee Bangla Dadagiri programme. The article that helps you register, its eligibility conditions, papers, and so on has additional information.

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Dadagiri Auditon Date and Venue

Venue Date
In Medinipur: Hotel Hindustan, Station Road Keranitala, Medinipur Town Comming Soon
In Baripur: Baruipur High School Coming Soon

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 ZEE Bangla Dadagiri 10 Registration 2024

About Dadagiri Audition – There will be an online registration procedure for Dadagiri Season 10 very shortly. All participants may finish their registration by going to the official website. This is an opportunity to win a significant sum of money on this particular programme.

Zee Bangla Dadagiri
Zee Bangla Dadagiri

In a short period of time, this programme has gained a cult following because to its unique format. You may win prizes by answering a few questions on this game show. This show’s structure is fantastic, and you have an excellent chance of winning some substantial cash rewards.

Show Dadagiri
Season Season 10
Aired on Zee Bangla
Official portal zee5.com
Registration Zee Bangla Dadagiri 10 Auditions 2024
Check online Registration Date & Procedure

In India, gaming shows are usually a hit. You may win prizes or money on game shows. Many players win small sums of money through game shows, which allows them to start their own businesses. The Dadagiri exhibition will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your talents.

Zee Bangla Dadagiri Entry Form 2024

Srijit Mukherjee and Arijit Singh collaborated on the show’s title tune. The Kolkata district won the inaugural season of this programme, with Shahrukh Khan making an appearance in the finals. Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty presented the event in 2012.

Everyone is looking forward to Dadagiri Unlimited Season 10 auditions. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the correct spot.

There will be seven different rounds that you can see inn the table given below:

First Round Selection of the Players
Second Round They will do a Toss
Third Round A power play round
Fourth Round Cover Drive
Fifth Round Googly/Doosra
Sixth Round Slog Over
Seventh Round Bapi Bari Jaa

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Zee Bangla Dadagiri 10 Auditions 2024

Eligibility Criteria for Dadagiri Participants

  • The participant must be a citizen of India and a legal resident of the country.
  • Participants are completely clean of any criminal history.
  • The participant is in possession of valid photo identification.
  • Participants must be fluent in Bengali to be eligible to participate.

Dadagiri Season 10 Online Registration

Those who want to take part in Dadagiri Unlimited’s next season will need to adhere to the rules and regulations outlined below.

  • Zee Bangla broadcasts this programme, therefore you’ll need to get the Zee5 app or go to zee5.com to see it.
  • There are versions of the Zee5 app for Android and iOS.
  • You must go to the Zeebangla portion of the app once you’ve downloaded it.
  • You may register for Dadagiri Unlimited Season 10 auditions in this area.
  • When you click on it, a new application will pop up. Complete the application by entering your name, district name, contact information, and permanent residence, as well as any additional information requested.
  • Once you’ve completed the information on the form, make sure everything is correct before clicking on the submit button.
  • You’ll be contacted automatically if authorities from this show think your form is interesting.
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  1. I am participent Dadagiri Session 9.
    I am 7years girls.
    My Father name is Kamal Mondal.
    My Mother Name is Tumpa Mondal.

    1. I am participant dadagiri season 9.
      I am 23 years girl.
      My father name is Ranjit Ruidas.
      My mother name is Sudha Ruidas..

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  3. Sir I kalyan’ raut;
    C/o Late Sannayasi Charan raut
    Date of birth_12/04/ 1987
    I want to be a telivision anchor ;
    Every time fright himself! Sir I prove that ;
    Sir give me chance to expose my telent in dadagiri; naturaly come out; if Zbangla no selection me to audition;I
    can not alive;I will die;

  4. Chaitali Banerjee

    Ami Chaitali Banerjee, age 45, Gurgaon te thaki , ami akjon house wife, ami Didi No – 1 a participate korte chai

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    আমি একজন বাংলাদেশী কিন্তু আমার স্বপ্ন আমি দাদাগিরিতে যাব

  6. Mithun Ghosh ●father name -Arun ghosh ●mother name -shanti ghosh ●dadagiri and kbc ●mithun classes ●my best family ●my best apps kbc and dadagiri

  7. আমি বিশ্বনাথ দাস বাড়ি পূর্ব মেদিনীপুর। আমি প্রতিনিয়ত দাদাগিরি দেখি। সবার জিবন কাহিনী শুনি। আমি আমার জিবন সম্পর্কে দাদার কাছে বোলতে চাই এবং দাদার সংগে খেলতে চাই।

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